Publication Management System

The objective of this computer-based software is to monitor and control day-to-day processes and document flow within the Publication. In this process, the software will try to identify the cost centers and generate information for the higher management. This Publication Management system monitors day-to-day Sales, purchases, and Stock.

Feature coverers of Publication Software :

Central preservation of Business information in a structured way. Single repository to make the information accessible from anywhere on the LAN and also on the Internet. Auto increment and decrement of inventory count based on work order initiation and completion. This Software will Reduce manual tasks’ error risk and also will improve work speed and accuracy. Different information is relative based on different search criteria. Increase efficiency through the automation of manual accounting. Both Lower accounting management costs and Informative Reports product-wise as well as invoice-wise. These help you identify with high or low margins. Various types of registers Like Sales Register, Receive Register, Return Register, Reject Register, etc. Additionally, Stock Reports on Books, Papers, and Covers. Above all Ledger Report of Party, Printing Press, Book Binder as well as Cover Supplier. Despite Bill Collection Entry and Bill Payment information. Another key point is the Barcode Facility.

Optimize your process:

Take your organization to the next level with Submittable’s publication management platform. Improve the diversity and equity of your publications, put important data to the best use, and generate revenue to support your mission. Built-in reporting tools make it easy to monitor team progress and access key data points at any point in your process.

Publication Management System