Customize Accounting Software

Welcome to our Customize Accounting Software – a comprehensive solution for your financial management needs. Our software is equipped with robust modules that cover every aspect of accounting, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and insightful reporting.

Key Features:

  1. Chart of Accounts Setup: Easily set up and customize your chart of accounts to align with your business structure and requirements.
  2. Opening Balance Setup: Efficiently input and manage opening balances for a seamless transition into your accounting system.
  3. Voucher/Transaction Entry: Streamline your accounting processes with user-friendly voucher and transaction entry features.
  4. Voucher/Transaction Validation Check and Posting: Ensure accuracy and reliability with validation checks before posting transactions, maintaining data integrity.
  5. Bank Reconciliation Entry: Simplify the bank reconciliation process, minimizing discrepancies and ensuring accurate financial records.
  6. Budgeting: Plan and manage your financial goals effectively with our budgeting feature, allowing for better financial control.
  7. L/C Value Entry: Easily input and manage Letter of Credit (L/C) values, ensuring accurate tracking of financial commitments.
  8. Multi Branch Creation: Seamlessly manage multiple branches within the software, facilitating centralized control and reporting.

Reports of Accounting Module:

  1. Accounts Information:
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Transaction List (Date Wise)
  2. Transaction List (Cash Received):
    • Date-wise transaction details
    • Voucher type, number, particulars, debit and credit amounts
  3. Ledger Book:
    • Subsidiary Ledger
    • Control Ledger
  4. A/C Book:
    • Bank Book
    • Cash Book
  5. Debtors/Creditors Schedule (As on Date):
    • Sundry Debtors
    • Sundry Creditors
  6. Trial Balance (Subsidiary & Control Ledger Separately):
    • Periodically
    • Non-Periodically
  7. Accounts Statements (Date Wise):
    • Receive & Payment Statement
    • Cost of Goods Sold with Note
    • Profit Loss Statement
    • Retained Earnings
    • Balance Sheet with Note

Experience a new level of financial management with our customizable accounting software. Simplify your processes, gain valuable insights, and enhance the overall efficiency of your accounting operations