JK Commercial Software- LC Management

LC or Letter of Credit plays an important role in the Export business. LC Management needs various processes. This Software automates all the procedures related to LC. Different types of LC depending on the client’s proposal are managed for export depending on their business. Creation of LC-related documents from PI to Commercial invoices is very Easy. This is one of the Best LC Management Software.

Monitoring Marketing activity and Making Decisions on sales will be easy with the help of advanced reporting of this Software. Currency conversion is easy, Calculating and distributing of LC’s expenses on the items. Electronic and digital signatures can be added with LC Management Software. Export LC and its relevant document generation. LC Document Purchase Information from Bank. In the Final Realization of LC, you can Calculation of Over overdue days and Due Interest within almost no time.

Tracking documentation and financial information efficiently and accurately of LCs are vital business processes. You can do this by using our Efficient LC Management Software.

Our SaaS(Software as a Service) model software is most suitable for small and medium enterprise companies. It can work as an integrated Module with our ERP.


  • Record Proforma Invoice Details.
  • Record LC Details
  • Bill of Exchange.
  • Delivery Challan.
  • Truck Challan.
  • Commercial Invoice.
  • Packing List.
  • Certificate of Origin.
  • Spoon Certificate.


  • Easy & Faster PI Generation.
  • Accordingly, all the Commercial Documents are Automatic & Faster
  • LC registers with various Search Options.
  • PI or LC Amendment Facilities with an Easy Interface.
  • Commercial Document Tracking is at every stage (Forwarding/Acceptance)
  • LC Maturity Details

LC Management