Inventory Management Solutions

Time is Money in Business

We acknowledge that in business, time is equivalent to money. Empower your business with Inventory Management Solutions Tools, designed for seamless stock control. Elevate productivity and streamline workflow through a user-friendly interface and features tailored for efficient inventory management, saving you valuable time.

Never Miss a Sale

Let’s say a customer walks into your store, places an order, and pays for it. Later, during order processing, you realize that you’re out of stock. With ‘MySales,’ effortlessly maintain control of your inventory and meet customer demands.


Make Better Purchases

Inventory Management Solutions offers a clean, well-organized inventory management interface that makes tracking individual product performance easier. Analyze sales behavior, calculate reorder levels, and ensure a more profitable and optimized inventory control by printing or emailing purchase orders to your suppliers, speeding up the reordering process.

Create supplier accounts to organize and expedite the reordering process. After creating an item, effortlessly link it to one or several suppliers. ‘MySales’, generates a Product Control Report by Suppliers, making the ordering process more efficient. The report includes supplier information, item cost, and maximum stock level (Maximum Stock Management). Print or email the list to your supplier to place the order.

Avoid Stock Issues

Prevent sales loss and customer dissatisfaction caused by expired or outdated products. Set a Maximum Inventory Level to understand product turnover and better plan future purchases, optimizing your stock.

Manage Your Investment

Recognize the importance of your inventory as the backbone of your business and a crucial financial investment. “MYSALES,” INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS, provides information to help you identify the right moments to put products on sale or change prices. Effective management can lead to higher profits and increased cash flow.

Cost per Product Calculation Tool

Determine your inventory investment and negotiate better deals with suppliers using our Cost per Product Calculation tool. Utilizing this information you can negotiate payment options. Enable your inventory to be financed by your supplier, relieving the financial burden on your business.


Advantages of our software:
  • It can manage single outlets.
  • You can add/edit/delete Unlimited Product Category & Product.
  • Maintain stock.
  • Facility of Sales Return.
  • Facility of Invoice Print.
  • Facility of Quotation Print.
  • The option to include transportation details for product delivery.
  • View daily, weekly, and monthly purchase and sale accounts.
  • Facility of keeping account of daily/monthly/annual sales.
  • The facility of product sale at discount.
  • Facility of Sales Report Management.
  • Your employee will not be able to see the actual purchase price of the product.
  • RBAC facility, through which Super Admin / Admin / Manager / Front Table sells man etc facility to log in and use according to the specified role.
  • Browser-based software; you can work from any computer.

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